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Zero Tolerance

The Advisor Office for Alberta Workers’ Compensation takes all incidents of aggressive, violent or abusive treatment against our staff very seriously.

The Advisor Office recognizes that its employees have the right to a safe and respectful work environment. In our interactions with you, we will strive to ensure that you are treated with fairness, integrity, and respect.

We recognize that navigating the Workers' Compensation system can be challenging, and that the nature of the circumstances can be very emotional. We understand that individuals may at times express themselves in a less than ideal manner, including using profanity, insults, and accusations, and will take this into consideration when working to resolve your issue.

Violent, abusive, or aggressive behaviour, however, will not be tolerated.

In order for the Advisor Office to maintain good relations with our clients, we would like to ask our clients to read and take note of the occasional types of behaviour that are unacceptable:

  • using bad language or swearing at staff
  • verbal abuse towards the staff in any form including verbally insulting staff
  • racist and sexist comments
  • persistent or unrealistic demands that cause stress to staff
  • physical violence, such as pushing or shoving, towards any staff or other Advisor Office clients
  • causing damage to or stealing from Advisor Office premises, staff or clients

This policy extends to any interaction with a staff member whether in-person, phone, letter, e-mail, or through our website.

A breach of the Zero Tolerance policy constitutes grounds for the Advisor Office to decline or discontinue services.