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Resolving Issues

The workers’ compensation system can be complex and intimidating for clients.

Good communication with WCB staff about your claim or account is the key to understanding how and why a decision was made, and it can help address your concerns.

The Advisor Office can help you resolve issues with WCB. Before we assist you, we encourage you to address the issue directly with the WCB staff person responsible for the decision (e.g., the case manager, the adjudicator). As a client, it can be difficult to raise issues with WCB. Here are some tips to make the conversation easier.

Prepare for the Conversation

  • Raise your concerns directly and as soon as possible with staff;
  • Set up a time to speak with the staff member most closely related to your concern;
  • Review your documents and make notes on the key items you want to discuss;
  • Be clear on what outcome you would like;
  • Make a list of questions about your file. For example, what procedures do they follow?  What are their client service standards?  What information was used for this decision?


  • Note the names of people you speak with, when, and what they said;
  • Note the dates you received responses or documents. Follow up if you do not receive them;
  • Keep a file of all WCB correspondence.

Be Respectful

  • Treat people respectfully and courteously;
  • Speak calmly and in a matter-of-fact tone when explaining your position;
  • Avoid emotions and outbursts. These can lead to additional problems or change the focus.

Ask Questions

  • Listen actively to what is being said and do not interrupt;
  • Ask questions if you do not understand the explanation;
  • Ask for details on a specific policy or procedure if needed;
  • Ask if there is a review or an appeal available.

Speak to the Supervisor

If you feel your matter is unresolved, ask to speak with the WCB Supervisor or Manager.