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The Service Standards and Complaints Process sets standards of service that you can expect, no matter who you are, when dealing with the Advisor Office for Alberta Workers’ Compensation.​

Service Standards

The Advisor Office commits to providing a fair, client-focused experience in keeping with the core values of respect, service, integrity and accountability. 

Clients can expect the Advisor Office to:

  • Understand their needs;
  • Offer user friendly resources;
  • Guide them through the decision review body and appeal processes;
  • Be respectful in our interactions with clients; and
  • Provide clear, timely, and independent advice.​​

​If you file a complaint, the Advisor Office commits to providing a fair, consistent and transparent process.

Complaints Process

Anyone who interacts with the Advisor Office may submit a complaint about the service the Advisor Office provided.

A complaint means you are unhappy with the service you received from Advisor Office. This can be something the Advisor Office did or failed to do. It can be something specific you experienced when dealing with staff. For example, complaints may relate to:

  • A professional, safe and respectful environment;
  • An independent and unbiased process; or
  • Anything else related to your experience with the Advisor Office.

The complaint process is set up to respond to complaints in a transparent and timely manner. When you make a complaint, you will get an understandable response.

How to make a complaint:

The Advisor Office is an independent office of the Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers’ Compensation. The Chief Administrative Officer oversees the complaint process for the Appeals Commission and its programs, including the Advisor Office.

If you want to submit a complaint, please send the details, via email, letter, or fax, to the Chief Administrative Officer of the Appeals Commission. The email address is; please put “AO Service Complaint” in the subject line.

This Chief Administrative Officer will not publicize your complaint.

Once we receive your complaint, we will:

  • Confirm receipt of your complaint.
  • Refer the complaint to the appropriate person or department.  Complaints about the Advisor Office may be referred to an appropriate Manager, or the Advisor Office’s Executive Director depending on the nature of the complaint.
  • ​Ask for more information, if needed.
  • Meet with any staff to aid in responding to your complaint.
  • Respond to your complaint within 30 days or let you know if more time is needed.
  • Consider the complaint against the Appeals Commission’s values.
  • Send you a written response with reasons. The Chief Administrative Officer may respond to you or the Chief Administrative Officer may direct another person to respond to you.

Sometimes, this complaint process may not be the right option. The Chief Administrative Officer will let you know your options in that case.

The Chief Administrative Officer and the Advisor Office may use your complaint as the basis to improve training, services, policies, and procedures.​

If you are unhappy with the response to your complaint, you can contact the Alberta Ombudsman.