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What do Employer Advisors Do?

Employer Advisors help you with issues or disagreements with WCB claims or accounts. They provide advice and represent you.

Employer Advisors offer:

  • Education – They explain WCB legislation and policy and its application to your account or a claim matter. They also conduct information sessions to educate employers about their rights and responsibilities under the Workers’ Compensation Act.
  • Advice and Support – They provide advice and guidance on how to work through the WCB system (e.g. accident reporting, and return to work). They will assist you with finding evidence to support your case.
  • Representation – They will represent you at all three levels of appeal - the WCB Customer Service Department / Employer Account Services, the Dispute Resolution and Decision Review Body (DRDRB), and the Appeals Commission (AC). Advisors will attend hearings with you, write submissions, and make arguments on your behalf.

Independent from WCB

The Advisor Office is a program of the Government of Alberta and is independent of WCB. Employer Advisors provide relevant, objective, and confidential advice.

Expertise in WCB Legislation and Policy

Employer Advisors have an average of 12 years of experience. They are experts in interpreting WCB legislation, policy, and procedures. This helps them assess decisions related to your claim.

Service Eligibility

Any employer covered by WCB Alberta is eligible to access our services.  We customize our advice to best meet your needs. There is no size restriction for employers that can access our support.  We balance the individual employer’s needs against the need for all employers to have access to our services.  The services of the Employer Advisor Branch are offered at no cost to employers.

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