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What is Claims Cost Transfer?

Claims Cost Transfer involves transferring the costs of a claim from one employer to another employer. Section 95(2) of the Workers’ Compensation Act allows the WCB to transfer costs of a claim from one employer to another when the second employer’s negligence caused the injury that give rise to the claim. Costs may also be partially split between employers. 

Is Claim Cost Transfer the same as Cost Relief?

No! Cost Relief is when the WCB removes claim costs from an employer’s account, so the claim costs are not used in calculating WCB future premiums. Our office continues to assist employers with appeals involving Cost Relief. 

Why is the Employer Advisor Branch no longer able to represent employers who are appealing the issue of Claim Cost Transfer?

Claims Cost Transfer creates a conflict of interest for the Employer Advisor Branch because success for one employer means that another employer’s WCB premiums will increase. The Employer Advisor Branch has been asked to represent both employers in the same dispute which means undermining our success for previous clients. The Advisor Office is committed to removing or minimizing conflicts of interest. This decision is in line with many other provincial employer advisor offices across Canada. 

What can I do if I need help with Claims Cost Transfers?

Our Employer Advisors continue to offer phone consultations, seminars, and advice on Claims Cost Transfers.  However, they cannot formally represent an employer appealing the issue.  Please contact our office to arrange a customized information session.