Alberta Advisor Office Alberta Advisor Office

Advisors seek evidence to support your appeal of a WCB decision. Evidence is any type of information that provides facts or proof. Evidence must be relevant and have a clear connection to the decision being appealed. It must also be credible and reliable.

An Advisor will have access to all evidence on your claim file. In some situations, they may ask you for evidence directly, such as financial records, names of witnesses, etc. In other situations, they may request evidence directly from a medical practitioner and request an opinion about the relationship between a current medical condition and a work injury.

An Advisor may also request witness statements, photos, videos, and other relevant evidence from WCB.

Examples of evidence include:

  • Medical reports (clinical notes, emergency reports, diagnostic test results, imaging reports, medical evaluations);
  • Medical opinions;
  • Financial records (payroll records, pay stubs, documents detailing retirement plans, tax returns);
  • Witness statements;
  • Photos and/or videos; and 
  • Safety records.